Alesis io2 Express

All you clever people out there.

Total newbie, and got a problem. No matter what I do I can seem to get my brand new alesis express to record. I can see the levels change on the unit when I hit the guitar. I have connected the USB to the PC, disconnected my speakers and mic inputs just in case it was all confused, but to no avail. When I try and set up an input bus, I have just 3 options:

No Driver
ASIO Guitar Port (got one of those and it works, so all the cables are good!)
Full Duplex ASIO driver.

So why does Cubase not recognise the alesis like it does the GuitarPort?

Please be gentle with me, still at the bottom of a hugely steep learning curve!!! :blush: :frowning:

Use the ASIO driver for your device.

I think the Alesis doesn’t come with its own ASIO driver (if it does install that instead), so you’ll need a generic ASIO driver. Google ASIO4ALL, install that and select that as your driver. Set up the io2 connections in the driver panel, and then launch cubase and select the asio4all driver.


Thanks for the very fast responses, but as I said, be gentle with me. OK, got the ASIO4All v2 driver installed no problem.

Connected up the io2 express via USB and removed all other sound inputs as before.

Loaded Cubase Elements.
Selected Clean E guitar and vocals
The mixer loads which I close - I am not using vocals.

Go to Device Setup
Select VST Audio System
I can now see ASIO4All v2 (as well as Guitar Port). So there is some progress there
Select ASIO4all v2
In the Device Set up left hand panel I select ASIO4All v2 and in the right hand panel I now see:
I/O In HD Audio CD Input 1 (and 2 as it happens) are both showing “inactive”

A bit hard to explain without pictures!

I must be doing something wrong or just stupid! I don’t think I am stupid, so I must be doing something wrong!

Or should I sell the io2 and just go with the Line 6 Guitar Port? :frowning: :confused:

Find the tab that shows ‘VST Connections’. You need to mate the Alesis unit to the Cubase. Click on the ‘Inputs’ tab of the VST Connections window and a drop down should appear as you right click on "No Connection’. Here you will see your Alesis input. Choose one for every channel you have or need. Then click on the ‘Output’ tab in the same window. Right click on the ‘Not Connected’ line and you should see your Alesis output bus. Choose one. That should do it.

IF this doesn’t help, then unplug all the other audio devices into your computer, turn the Alesis on, and then restart your computer. Windows should find the audio device. You might be confusing it. It might turn out that because you have so many devices that you will need to open the Driver Panel and select ASIO4all everytime, then open VST Connections, etc. Eventually Cubase may find the Alesis as the designated recording device but I don’t know.


Quick update.

Got it sorted. I found that I could record with the io2 using Audacity. So now I know that the unit is good (I thought is was, but needed to check)

So I simply uninstalled Cubase, re-installed it and Hey Presto!


Thanks for all your help folks. Now to learn how to use it better.

Watch this space.

Thanks again guys. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

i have a sound card which is not working after connect my loptop. before its working properly … when i connect io2 to pc the led indicator light of io2 is lightened up to full red and appear until it is disconnected,and cubase le 5 show activate but not working,