Alesis IO4 and OLD version of Cubase LE

A few years back, I bought a brand new Alesis iO4 which came with a disk for Cubase LE5. Recently, I relocated the packaging and wanted to install LE5 to use with the iO4. Unfortunately, the disc says it works with Mac OS 10.5-10.7, and when I try to load it, I get a message indicating that it will not work with my version of OS (Sierra).

I would like to be able to use LE5.

Can anyone help?



Hi and welcome,

Use Steinberg Application Installer Tool for Mac OS X, please.

You might be interested in the Free update to latest Cubase AI Cubase LE version for all registered users.


Thank you for the reply. I attempted the install using the Installer Tool as you recommended. I followed the instructions on the installer page and received the following message – “No Steinberg products found. . .”

I have confirmed that the DVD containing Cubase LE5 was mounted at the time I ran the installer, as per the instructions.

I did notice that the list of supported products on the installer page, did not include LE5. It seems to only go back to LE6. Do you have other suggestions I might try?




This sounds as a good idea to me.

So is there no way to install LE5 then?

Can anyone help, or am I just out of luck?


You might be interested in the Free update to latest Cubase AI Cubase LE version for all registered users.

I would recommend you to update, then you can install the current Cubase LE 10.5 with no problem.

Great. But my understanding is that I need a license to upgrade.

So I still need help. Can anyone tell me how I can activate my LE5 to get the proper licensing so that I can then upgrade to LE 10.5.

You don’t need to install Cubase to get your license in the eLCC. Install the eLCC and enter your LE5 activation code …

The problem is that I do not have an activation code. I only recently attempted to install the eLCC from the DVD that came with the iO4 and the activation code will not load because the DVD is only for OS versions 10.5 through 10.7. I never loaded it when it was new and it will not load now, so I don’t have access to the activation code.

Is there another way to dislodge the activation code from this disk?

I guess I am just going to give up on this project. I’ll just go back to Reaper. Thanks for those who tried to help.

Martin, it is NOT possible to upgrade to 10.5LE without a license.


The Activation Code is not on the DVD (as data).With Cubase LE you got a paper (or maybe it was a sticker on the DVD) with a Download Access Code or a Serial Number (in the past). Use this in MySteinberg, to get the Activation Code.

You are right, you need to Activate your old Cubase LE first, to be able to get the upgrade to the current Cubase LE 10.5.