Alesis multimix usb 4 record not working

I have a big issue with audio interface named Alesis multimix usb 4.
i made many different settings on cubase LE but it"s Impossible to record any sound.
synthetiser (Roland JD-xi) is connected to alesis midi ports (from my synthetiser midi out—from my alesis midi in=
the OS i using is Windows 10.
If there are compability problems with alesis and cubase i need your help to find good Midi interfaces compatible with Cubase and Windows 10


If you want to Record the audio signal (the sound), don’t connect a MIDI, but Audio. I.e. Line Out of your ROLAND to Line In of Alesis. You will jse jack cables.

Is would recommend you to watch Cubase 7 Quick Start Guide Chapter 2, on the official Steinberg YouTube Channel.

Thank you so much for your support!
It works very well!!