Alesis Nitro connecting to Groove Agent

Hi Can someone help please?
I am trying to connect an Alesis Nitro to Groove Agent.
Here is the process: Run GA stand alone. Click on the Use Hardware Controller Mapping Button. Right click a drum pad select assign trigger note for all the pads I need.
Saved the map.
Nothing happens when I hit any drum pad. Midi input light very top left glows on strike but nothing else.
What am I doing wrong?

Had similar question- connected with a USB cable, set the midi input channel to 10 and away you go.

I’m having a similar issue but I’m using Arturia Minilab Mk2. I want to assign the GA instrument pads to a template for ONLY 8 pads in Minilab. I have followed the Arturia directions and have created the template. However, when I open Cubase 12 Pro, and I go in to select the template, it tells me the Minilab is already active and no changes can be made. It plays all the GA pads, but I set up the template top be user friendly for me as I play the pads on the Minilab, and since I can’t activate the template I created, I’m stuck with a Default map that doesn’t work for me. I read the Arturia manual and it doesn’t tell me how to make my GA template the Default template. I’m concerned about deleting their Default template because I don’t want to screw anything up. Anyone have any ideas how to get this to work. Thank you for any help.