Alesis SR-16 Drum Machine

Hello Everyone!

I have an Alesis SR-16 drum machine and Cubase Artist 6. I want to set up the drum machine to act as a midi controller in Cubase. My setup for it so far is:

1.)The midi cable connected from the “Midi Out” on the Sr-16 to the “Midi In” on my interface.
2.) Midi Setup in the Alesis Sr-16 set to:
Midi Channel - 10
Drum In - On V1
Drum Out - On
Clock In - Off
Clock Out - Off
Midi Thru - Off

I checked the Midi Devices menu in Cubase, and the drum machine didn’t show up at all. Can someone please help me get the drum machine recognized in Cubase! Once I get the connection to work, I know that then all I have to do is insert a midi track and set the channel to 10.

Thanks for the help! I appreciate it!!

Your SR-16 will not show up in midi devices.
In Cubase, you just have to select the midi-port to which the SR-16 is connected.

Either you do as Pixie wrote, or you can set it up by hand as MIDI device. A standard 5 Pin MIDI connection is nothing that gets “recognized” automatically by a computer, it´s just a data connection.

Ok thank you. Are all the settings right for SR-16? I still can’t get it to work. The drum machine is not producing anything. The midi track I made in Cubase is set to the same channel, but nothing’s working.

BTW, sorry if I’m sounding like a beginner, this midi stuff is new to me.

Are you expecting Cubase to record notes as you hit the pads on the SR-16, or to record patterns played by the SR-16’s internal sequencer?

What exactly is it that you want to send from the SR16 to Cubase?

Have you programmed a drum pattern in the SR16 which you want to record in Cubase?

Or are you wanting to use the pads to record a MIDI pattern into Cubase?

(sorry Lawrence, just seen your post)

Or are you trying to sync Cubase to the SR16 using MIDI clock?

Does the SR16 actually output MIDI data from the pattern it’s playing? I’m not sure if it dos or not - likewise, not sure if it sends out MIDI note messages when you hit the pads.

A better way to incorporate the SR16 sounds, if that’s what you want to do, is to programme a rhythm into Cubase using any MIDI keyboard, or using the mouse, and then send it to the SR16 to play back.

You don’t in fact need to set the MIDI channel in Cubase to match the incoming MIDI channel - the channel number simply sets the output MIDI channel for that track.

Hello ffg,

Thank you for your help. I’m trying to get my SR-16 to act as a midi controller to play drum samples from Cubase using something like Groove Agent. So when I hit the pads on the SR-16, they trigger the sounds on Groove Agent. I found this article on eHow to set it up like that, but it didn’t seem to work:


Have you done step 3:

Go to the “System Setup” on your SR-16. Ensure that the “MIDITHRU,” “CLOCK OUT” and “CLOCK IN” setting are set to “Off.” Turn “DRUM OUT” to “On” and “DRUM IN” to “ONV1.” Set “MIDI Channel” to 10

If Cubase is not receiving MIDI notes from the SR16, and you’ve gone through all the steps, suspect the MIDI cable.

AND - just thought of this - have you set the MIDI track in Cubase to receive from the correct MIDI input? Open the Inspector (F5) and check…

AND set the MIDI track to record ready, or enable the Monitor button for the track.

You should be seeing the MIDI indicator in the transport bar, and the little MIDI meter on the edge of the track, jump when you hit the SR16 pads.

good luck with it.

Hey man thanks so much for the help!! I really appreciate it. Ya, it ended up being a faulty MIDI cable.
God Bless bro