Alesis SR16 How to use correctly?

Good afternoon people! Does anyone here use electronic drums controlled via USB (midi cable) by Reaper’s piano roll? In this case, I use an Alesis SR16 and I would like to clarify some doubts, as I am having some problems.


If you have problems with an Alesis product in Reaper, wouldn’t it be better to consult the Alesis support or the Reaper community?


I use the SR16 with Cubase. I just have it hooked via a MIDI cable and can choose it as a device in Cubase to trigger sounds in Groove Agent. I haven’t really used it with Reaper but it should function the same way there. It just fworks as a controller that triggers MIDI instrument sounds. There is info onine about setting up a device with Reaper which is fundamentally what you need to do:

If you want the actual sound from the device you can only hook it up in stereo and record those input signals. It’s possible to record the audio and MIDI data from it at the same time. I agree with @st10ss though – it’s probably best to consult on the Reaper forum instead.

Interestingi, I have an SR18 and have searched, without any success, Groove Agents banks which would compare to its banks of sounds. Do you know any one ? Or any way to transfert the Alesis audio to samples that GA5 could use ?

No I don’t know how you can do that easily. You could record the outputted sounds individually I guess and then use those as samples. I use the SR16’s patterns to trigger sounds in Groove Agent. I just choose a kit and find an SR16 pattern I like.

This is what Drum Maps are for, in Cubase.

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First Check if SR16 sounds can be triggered from the midi.
Older drum instruments did not have this provision.
May be only start stop the pattern.

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They can. It’s an old-skool drum machine, that was one of the primary functions of such a device.

Good, in that case, hook up the midi out of your interface to any sound module/external synth and see if it plays. If yes, the setup in SR16 has to be checked.
The drum module by default can play only standard drum midi notes. Make sure you are triggering the correct notes. Default midi channel is omni, you may have to set to 10 if you are sending midi signals to other channels in your daw though the manual says it will take only drum notes even if other notes are present. (just in case). Also Do not send other sysex or kit changes until you succeed
Best of luck, Regards.

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