Alesis V25 MK II - MIDI Remote Script

Hi everyone, I am happy to share the MIDI remote script I created for the Alesis V25 MKII MIDI controller.

  • The knobs are assigned to the Focus Quick Controls. As we have only 4 knobs and there are 8 Quick Controls, I have mapped the first four QCs to the knobs and created a second mapping page for the remaining four.

  • I am providing both the '.midiremote ’ and the ‘.js’ files. You can import the ‘.midiremote’ file using the MIDI Remote Assistant.
    The zip file contains a js file. Just extract the zip file inside the directory
    C:\Users\####\Documents\Steinberg\Cubase\MIDI Remote\Driver Scripts\Local
    in the Order ‘Local’ > ‘Alesis’ > ‘V25 MKII’ > Alesis_V25MKII.js
    This adds the company ‘Alesis’ and the model ‘V25 MKII’ in the MIDI Remote Assistant dropdown menu while adding a new controller.

  • The pads are assigned to the notes C1 to C2—only the white notes which are mostly useful for drum programming.


Alesis_V25 MKII.midiremote (2.9 KB) (2.2 KB)