Algorithm type change

Hello everyone,
I’m brand new to Cubase but not DAWs. I’ve learned a few things so far, but I cannot seem to figure out how to change my Algorithm type from the Standard menu over to the Time Stretching menu (elastique).
I know this is a newbie question, but I’ve tried to look at help menus and Youtube videos with no luck.
I should mention I’ve started with using Cubase Elements 11 for now and may upgrade if needed.


Hi Issac

Lots of Toolbars in Cubase have so many possible items that they can’t all fit. So, especially when starting off, you’ll likely want to customize what is shown - use the little ‘gear’ buttons scattered about to do this in general.

First make sure you are showing the Info Line in the Project Window.


Now you can change the Algorithm in the Info Line. If the Info Line isn’t showing the Algorithm field, use the circled gear.

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Thank you for your response!
So I already had the info line showing and can change the Algorithm Standard type, but it’s not showing a menu split like you’re seeing to allow to switch to Elastique… odd


Oh, probably Elastique isn’t available in all the different versions and you don’t have Pro I’d assume. The link below compares what is in the various versions.

Rereading your initial post it sounds like you might think these ‘Standard’ Algorithms aren’t for time-stretching, but they are. Elastique are in general higher quality, but material dependent not always. There are descriptions of the various Algorithms in the manual.

If you are just sorting out time-stretching in Cubase you might find this useful:

@raino Yeah I was starting to think this must be a limitation of using Cubase Elements. I’ll probably upgrade to Artist and see if that resolves my issue.
Thanks for your help!

Make sure to check the comparison chart to confirm Artist has Elastique. But you should be able to do most anything you want using the Algorithms you already have.