Algorithmix PEQ Orange and RED

I’ve been trying to address this with Alogrithmix but haven’t heard back from them. Is anyone successfully using PEQ Orange and/or PEQ Red on WL7?

I installed PEQ red because it says on the Algorithmix site says RED will work with WIndows 7. But it is funny, Orange doesn’t include Windows 7 in its compatibility…

When I pull-up PEQ RED in WL7 it throws and error that says (something like) “Application caused run time to terminate in an unusual manner”.

So I updated to WL and still same thing. I looked into updating the Visual C++ redistributables but didn’t find any info regarding this…

Man I love those EQs! I hate to lose them… I really don’t want to go back to WL 6!!!

Thanks for your help.


Hi Luke,

I am using Algorithmix Red and Orange in WL7 (latest update) and do not have any problems.
However, I am still on Windows XP, maybe this could be the reason I don’t have difficulties. Since some time I have the feeling that Algorithmix is running on pretty low level only. Some time ago I had problems with an old dongle and I after I did not get resonse by mail I phoned them directly and they could help me out. Maybe this is what you should do, too, to find out if there are any issues with Algorithmix Red/Orange and Windows 7.

Thanks for the fast response. Man I didn’t know Wavelab 7 would run on XP. I heard somewhere one needed Windows 7, but to be honest, didn’t look into it… I may reinstall on XP and see how it goes. Thanks for the info. I can’t find EQs I like better.

Maybe simply try to run in XP compatibility mode!

I’m running RED, Orange and Bue on Wavelab7 (latest update) on XP Pro SP3 32 bit without a problem.
Luke: are you running WIN7 32 or 64 bits?
I’ve heard in other forums they just don’t work on 64 bit systems.
I’ve also been trying to switch to WIN7 but one of my Audio cards doesn’t like WIN7 I’ll have to buy a new one.
I haven’t heard a better digital EQ yet. and don’t want to let go of the Algos (specially bc they were expensive!)
Have you tried DMG Equality? . . .They are the closest i’ve heard and they are very cheap…


Thanks PG and Thanks Zoundman. I will try compatiblity mode. I am running windows 7 32 bit. Today I loaded WL7 on xp and everything works great. SInce I spend zero time on that machine outside of WL I really don’t care what OS it is running. I am relieved to have those eq’s back for a project I need to do tomorrow. I just learned about DMG as I started to panic about replacing my PEQs but am yet to hear them.

Man I hope Algorithmix isn’t in trouble…

PG, did you mean run the Plugs in Compatbilty mode or WL? THanks.


Man I can’t believe it, but the PEQ orange and RED just started working today in Windows 7 out of the blue…

I tried WL in compatibility mode and the EQ still crashed WL, though they seemed to get a little further along. I think it was happening when they were checking for the authorization dongle.

Then I switched WL out of compatiblity mode and bam, the EQs work… Very odd but I’m glad they work!

Apparently, my Algorithmix Red is running in Demo mode!

I have Algorithmix Red and K-Stereo; I just built a new computer and checked with Algorithmix about transferring licenses from one dongle to another, and the when I finally got a response, the guy didn’t even know if eLicenser supported Algorithmix. He said he would get back to me… 2 weeks later and no answer.
Then I saw a Knowledgebase page that lists Algorithmix in the eLicenser support:[productfamily]=12

I successfully transferred my licenses, but Cubase only saw the K-Stereo. The Red asked for activation of a ‘trial’; I put in my email address and now the regular Red works, but not the Dual Mono one (it doesn’t appear - I was asked for a trial activation for it too, but I wanted to see what would happen and make sure I installed it correctly).

Apparently, my Algorithmix Red is running in Demo mode!

I have Win 7 SP1 64 bit, Cubase 6.5 & 7. Also Wavelab 6, but I am waiting for the W7 upgrade to arrive, as I am using a SSDrive and have limited space for applications.

Anyone have experience with this?