Algorithmix Renovator - Cursor & Sound out of sync

I am not sure if that has always been in WL7, but I have a problem with the Algorithmix Renovator if I open it from WL7: The Cursor is not in sync with the music, i.e. the cursor is always slower than the sound.
In WL6 it still works alright, the problem only is in WL7.
This is independend from the sample rate I work with, it appears with 44,1 kHz as well as with 96 kHz.

I don’t have a recent version of Renovator, but I see no problem here. When you mean slower, you mean there is a constant offset, or the gap is increasing from moment to moment?

The gap is increasing from moment to moment.
Working in short scale is about ok but the longer the playing time, the greater the offset.

I strictly see no reason for that. I think you should report to algoritmix to see if they have a comment.

Can not reproduce it with reNOVAtor 2.1.