Algorithmix Renovator

Good morning

:nerd: When will be the function for the Algorithmix Renovator available in WaveLab 8 ?
I see the button (link) in the editing bar, but it’s not possible to activate the application in WL 8

We can’t get support from Algorithmix anymore, apparently they no longer update their products.
If you have an old version of the plugin (the version using the old dongle), I think it should work.

Many thanks for the info PG.

This is absolut terrible. Renovator doesn’t work in WL 8. I try, and WL crashed. In WL 7 (I have installed both WL version on my PC) it works without any problems.

I don’t know what’s happend with Algorithmix, but the support is absolutely bad (no response). I ask some months ago about a Mac Version of the Renovator program, and the feedback was very slow (I think 1-2 month after my request).
They told me that they work on a Mac solution, and now your answer that they don’t make any updates.

So I think I must use Renovator as stand alone version or in WL 7.

To be clear: I have no authority to state that Algorithmix won’t do any update. What I can say, is that I brought this issue to Algorithmix several times, starting one year ago, during WaveLab 8’s development, and the situation has not evolved.

We have found a way to make WaveLab 8.0.2 compatible with Renovator (same problem as with iLok, if you followed that thread).

:smiley: Many thanks for the great support. Looks very good.

When do you think will the patch 8.0.2. abailable?


~1 month