Alicia's Keys MIDI no sound

I have Cubase elements 8 and Alicia’s keys and use Kontakt to play it. When I play the notes appear on cubase but no sound is coming from them (but I hear the notes as I play them). What am I doing wrong? I’ve searched everywhere for answers but I can’t find anything. I’ll admit I’m new to this but I do play a damn good piano and have decided to take this hobby to the next level. Any guidance is welcomed!

Click the little speaker on the midi track.

I hope it’s that easy, but it didn’t work. Clicked on the monitor speaker and still no sound.

Ok, I finally got it to play the notes, but it’s not using the alicia’s keys sound, it’s using just normal keyboard sounds.

Like, do I have to somehow route alicia’s keys to cubase? Sorry I’m such a new.

Figured it out… Thanks…

Can you share with others what the answer was?

You have to select the VST instrument within Cubase. You can’t just open the kontakt player and open Cubase and then expect Cubase to pick up the midi. You have to go to Cubase’s VST instruments and select the kontakt player, and then select the VST instrument through Cubase’s VST instrument pull-up OF the kontakt player.

Also, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A QUALITY USB/MIDI INTERFACE! Because if you don’t this will create problems you will spend hours on trying to find the solution for when all it is, is that your USB/MIDI interface is low quality and not sending proper signals to the software.

Thanks for the info BN!