Align audio events to markers ?

Is it possible to align audio events to markers, like in a “reverse hitpoint creation” scenario ?

Example: i have a video part with lots of footsteps. Each footstep sound consists of 3 layers / 3 different sounds. Can i go through the video, set a marker each time the foot hits the ground, then load in a bunch of previously edited sounds for layer 1 and have them automativally aligned to the markers - then the same for layers 2 and 3 ? The alignment should ideally be done automatically by hitpoint detection.

Is this somehow possible ? In my case it’s not only footsteps but dozens of repeating mechanical sounds with each up to 6 layers…would save a lot of time. I’ve googled it with no help…just began evaluation of the Nuendo trial version. I also still need to learn about clip packages - would they be of any use in my case ?


Not as automated as you described. But you can set the Snap Type to Events. Then you can move the Audio events manually and they will snap to the Marker events.

But snap to events omly work if you are NOT using divided track list with the markers at the top. Its really bad and complained about for ages, no change.

Thanks a lot for the ideas…snap to events or markers would probably not work with containing hit-or snap points but only region borders ? It’s till a lot of manual work then i guess (hundreds of sounds).


Do you mean to Snap Hitpoints to the Events? No, this doesn’t work.

Yes :frowning: So it’s gonna be long nights.
Thanks though :slight_smile:

Edit: i tried some things - at least snap points do actually snap to markers (lots of editing still). For hit points there’s maybe a workaround: after hit point detection, creating events from these, which cuts the region right at the desired point. That cut can be aligned to markers using snap to events. This will somewhat mess up the the overview but might be faster than manual editing.

Go to next hit point
Set snap point at cursor
move event to position with snap to events active.

Should be able to run as a macro

Not what you really want but a crutch to limp ahead.