Align dynamics automatically

Hi there,

Because of the slur in the example, Dorico has ended up moving the hairpin, and it doesn’t look right to my eye. Align dynamics is greyed out, and even if I group the dynamics they still won’t align. I also don’t want to be manually aligning dynamics all over the place, it’s not the most efficient way of doing things.

What’s my best option here to get these dynamics looking correct?

Thanks so much!

This is what I get. Are you sure the p is included in the group?



Positive, I’ve just ungrouped and re-grouped to make sure. Flipping the slur fixes it, but that doesn’t feel right to me. Thanks for checking though.


So if you select just the p, does the crescendo and f turn blue?


If you could/would attach the file or a part of it, it’s easier to help

No it doesn’t. Sorry, I can’t upload this file online, copyright reasons.

Thanks for the help. I’ll move on a revisit this one when I’m under less immediate time-pressure. Thank you!

If it doesn’t then they are not grouped. You must be doing something wrong when grouping.


If you don’t want to post the project publicly, you can cut it down to just a few bars that exhibit the problem, and upload that. This post describes how: