Align dynamics does not work as expected…

Dear Doricians,

I might be doing something wrong, but I have the feeling this function does not work. Isn’t it supposed to align the dynamics, just like grouping does? I have tried that three times on different scores (in Engrave mode, of course) and nothing moves. I am quite surprised I haven’t read anything about that here, does anybody else have that strange behavior?

It is hit-or-miss for me!

Please attach some examples of projects in which Align Dynamics doesn’t work. The only known limitation I can think of is that it won’t do anything for the dynamics positioned between the staves of a grand staff instrument.

Thanks Daniel for that information… I guess I was working on piano pieces!!!

Well, if you find any cases that aren’t explained by that limitation, please make sure you attach examples here so I can take a look.

In fact… it was a piano staff for me too. :sunglasses: So never mind.