Align Existing Midi Performance to Click Track


I’m new to Cubase and currently have the Elements version. I’m trying to figure out how to adjust the tempo of an existing midi project so that it’s in time with the metronome/click track. So far, any adjustments I’ve made to the tempo in the Tempo Track editor change the tempo of the song and the metronome both. How do I leave the existing tempo of the song and align the metronome/click track to the song?




Thanks ggc…but Cubase Elements doesn’t have Tempo Detection. : (

i see two options:
1: a lot of hard work using the free warp tool to manually move every transient into place
2: upgrade your cubase version…


edit: oh, its a midi track… (prolly timed perfectly)

ok, so… try to use the sizing applies timestretch tool - i dont know what your mouse right click tool menu looks like, but If you keep the right mouse button pressed and do a left click, you will see more pointer options
or, click on the arrow tool at the top of your screen and choose the sizing applies timestretch tool.
then simply drag the midi part until it fits:P (this also works with audio)

Please, explain in more detail what you are trying to do. Your question is very strangely put. The Metronome/Click is always in time with the Project Tempo. It is impossible for it not to be.

Hi cdenz,

set your MIDI track to linear mode (and make sure that your grid is set to bars and beats). That way the canges you make in the tempo won’t affect your MIDI part.

To change the MIDI track to linear mode you just have to click on the orange “musical note” button on the inspector, thus deactivating musical mode.

Hope this helps


Hi cdenz,

Note that with Cubase Pro 8.0, you can use the dedicated MIDI Tempo Detection function to tackle this.
Hope this info helps.