Align variaudio parts to midi reference


I would really like to see option to align vocal parts automaticly in variaudio to the midi reference track.

I am big fan of mixing vocals and usually have many tracks of vocals containing multiple takes of the main lead. Normally I take the best take and fix it propely and then use variaudio to adjust doubles to match the main lead pitch using midi reference track. I make this by hand using arrows and scissor tool in variaudio and its really time consuming work to do.

Yes this is for timing aligment. But I’m talking about pitch aligment. Sorry if this was confusing.

Yes, I know and punch of other tricks to do this but this was a feature request for variaudio. I am not looking any workaround for this.

This would be a nice feature, the MIDI Reference Track is really handy in the variaudio view. But i agree, there’s times where i have liked to have selected the MIDI events and the variaudio events and clicked on an ‘align’ button and the audio is moved to those pitches.

You can’t even click on the MIDI events in that view to even try and find a cheeky hack either. :frowning:

Not sure how they would handle splits and/or if the note data differed majorily to the audio. But something to get close /do the bulk of the work would be really handy.

I’m not even sure if this is something Melodyne can do(?).

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