Align Vocals

We have a singer who pretty much insists on stacking his vocals. I’ve kinda forced him down to 3 (or sometimes 4) takes. I’m used to chopping those up in Ableton Live manually, but I’ve slowly been working my way back into Cubase (which I first used in SX3) and away from Live.
I’ve been fumbling about with the Audio Alignment panel, but I’m wondering if that’s more for phase type issues or offsets. Is there a good tool/module/plugin in Cubase 13 that can save me some time for tightening up the vocal stacks?
If so, any names or keywords I could use to search for that and/or find more info on it would be greatly appreciated.
Also, if you think it works well, is mediocre, or pure trash would likely be helpful to know too. I’m just trying to save some time. Thanks in advance for any direction, knowledge, or opinions

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Not an expert here since I’m learning every day. You might want to look into Audio Warp. Search Dom Sigalas Cubase videos on YouTube.

Maybe like these?

A good explanation of the Audio Alignment Panel and how to use it:

Synchro Arts Revoice Pro if you want tuning also, but their junior product if you just want amazingly simplified and zoom zoom rapid alignment

Thanks all :pray:t3:

I’ll check out the links and see what else I can learn