Aligning 3 cpr files: Audio Align or Warp Quantize or both or what?

I have 3 .cpr files that are the result of early midi-only era of Cubase/Pro-24 (all 3 are disconnected tracks of the same song)

File #1 this file is just midi: drums, bass, & keyboard tracks

File #2 this file is the 4 track audio result of midi file #1. It was played thru samplers and keyboards onto a 4 track tape deck. Years later (when Cubase could do audio) that tape was played back into Cubase, resulting in a multi-track audio only file.

File #3 this file is from a seperate bounceover tape of the audio (of file #2) w more vocals. Years ago, the tape in file #2 was boumced over onto another 4 track tape. The bounce mixdown is on track 1, and 3 more tracks of vocals were added
So there it is… a midi only file, an audio only file that’s derived (and should align) to file #1, and a second audio-only file with a bounce-over track and more vocals that should align to the other two tracks.

If I copy all three into one new .cpr file, how do I align them? With Audio Align or Warp Quantize or both or what?

I guess Musical Mode might have something to do with this? Or is Audio Align or Warp Quantize ultimately better?

Another way to ask this question might be… how would I align 2 stereo recordings of the same song recorded by different people in different parts of the same concert hall at the same concert?