Aligning main window grid and editor grid


I’m trying to transcribe a drum part from an old audio cassette from a band practice many years back. The quality is pretty poor so I have recorded it into cubase elements 12 as an audio track and I’m just working off the audio on one channel. The other channel is too muffled to be of any use.
I have set the project up so I can slow down the tempo. What I’d like to do is set the markers over a section of the audio and align the drum editor window so that the grids match. I can then loop or pause where needed and put the drum hits in manually using the peaks in the wave form as a guide. I think this is probably the easiest way to do it. I can then adjust the velocity of the hits by ear. The pic is the closest that I can get to matching the grids:

The red circle shows how much I am out by. Is there a command to match the zoom scale on each so that all the grids line through? I’m sure this has been asked before, but I’m struggling with getting the right search phrase to seek a solution.

As always, your assistance is very much appreciated!

Take a look at this Video from Dom. It explains how to adjust the grid to match the Audio among other things.

Thanks @raino

Dom is awesome with his videos. I’ve learnt so much from his channel. The example he uses has each instrument recorded on different tracks so it is relatively easy to pin point the drum hits and he is working purely with audio. I don’t really want to change the timing of the original wav file as all I’m interested in doing is roughly transcribing what the drummer is playing and using it as the basis of a new song.

At the moment all I want to do is get the 2 grids to line up manually so I can get the hits roughly in the ball park. here is a more extreme example:

The left marker lines up in both cases, but the scaling of the grids is wildly off.

If I click on the lower window editor and zoom the horizontal scale, you can now see that I can align the left marker but the right marker is beyond the right marker on the main window:

Basically what I want to do is match the scaling of the locator positions on each window so when I zoom the main window, the editor window zooms by the same amount. Is it possible to do this?

Once again, thanks for the reply!

I´m not sure if I understand what you want to do but basically you align the project window with the editor window with the link button:


That looks like the thing that I’m looking for, but I don’t have that button to click. I’m using Cubase Elements 12. Is that a Pro feature by any chance?

I have been trying to figure this out for years! @diegoalejo15 thank you for this!

@reberclark where did you find the link button? Are you on Pro? The only reference I can find to linking is here:

right click on the toolbar and search fro autoscroll option:

You can also look in the Key Commands, section “Edit” for this command:

If you don’t have it, then Elements doesn’t posses this feature.

Yes, I’m on Pro 12.

It’s a Pro 12 setting - oh well. Sadly, the update to Pro is at the moment not in my budget! Thanks to all for the help. I’m really suprised that it isn’t a standard setting though!

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