Aligning MIDI to the grid manually

Hi everyone,
i would like to solve the following problem in my workflow:
I often use an external sequencer from an arranger keyboard to lay down an idea and afterwards record its midi output into cubase.
Although sync and clock settings seem to be properly adjusted, the recording in cubase is always off the grid, so the notes show slightly before the beat the would belong to.
maybe i am just overlooking something here, but how would i fix this manually. obviously, quantization is not helpful in this case.
what i tried was to edit a midi part, select all notes and move the first note with snap to grid turned on so it falls right onto the beat where it should occur, but this would not push all subsequent notes for an equal ammount of time but make them snap to their closest matchwhich is not what i want to achieve.
Can someone please come up with a suggestion here?

Firstly check your latency. Move it as close to zero when recording as you can.

Secondly check your quantization settings, I believe it is possible to quantize while recording, but it seems there are a few extra variables on your part.

Check connections, check latencies, check quantize settings, then check with support.

Is there specific setting for midi related latency? my overall latency is about 15 ms which should do the job quite well.

having input quantization turned on seems counter-productive IMO, but maybe i am missing something here and i’ll give it a try when doing the next recording.

right now it would be great to have a solution to move a whole midi performance / part just a few ticks into one direction while preventing the relative spacing between all concurrent notes.

Well I know music theory quite well, I cannot give myself the congratulations of being a professional pianist. Depending on the notes you are playing, you may be able to select one of the various “quantize” settings, highlight your notes and hit the key “q”. I believe if your notes are sophisticated you’ll want to stay along 1/32, if not so much then 1/16.

This would actually work on some tracks i have to deal with, but not for all. Especeally for the drum recordings with rolls and triplets, this would mess things up completely.
and choosing shorter values like 1/64 would help to deal with the rolls but would not move the hihat to the beat where it belongs if it is more than 1/64th note away.
so the only solution here would be to take care of every kit piece by its own which seems like a task that someone could handle pretty easily with full vision. but as i am blind, it would definitely take me a day or even longer and would like to keep it simple of possible :slight_smile:

OK, I am sorry, I have only ever used the full versions and am not aware of the other versions restrictions. Hopefully I have not led you astray.

What is the latency of your audio interface???

In the Track’s Inspector there is a control that let’s you shift the playback timing earlier or later.


thanks, i will try to make use of the track delay setting on my next recording. maybe this will help, although it might be hard to figure out the exact values.

Guessing you actually meant ‘preserving’. This can be done in the Key Editor. Select all the Notes. On the Info Line you’ll see a value for the Start Position. The value shown will be for the very first of the selected Notes. If it is for example at +6 ticks when it should be 0 if you change it to 0 it will move all the selected Notes 6 Ticks earlier; maintaining their relative positioning with each other. FYI if instead you wanted to use the Track Delay to adjust the playback, in this example you’d set it to -6 Ticks.

When selecting multiple items and changing a setting using the Info Line the values will change relative to each other when you use Enter to set the value. If you wanted to set all the items to the same absolute value then use Ctrl+Enter to set the value.

Thanks, this sounds pretty helpful indead. I’ll give it a try tonight and find out if it will fix my issues.