Aligning note heads vertically on staff when there are two voices

How can I align note heads vertically on staff when there are two voices as follows?
Screenshot 2019-02-04 04.39.13.png
Applying swapping voices does not resolve the problem:
Screenshot 2019-02-04 04.51.51.png

The conventional wisdom is to select the offending notes, switch to engrave mode, and set the voice column index to zero.

But something is fishy here. There is no reason why those notes should not line up by default. I would delete and re-enter them.

You posted a screenshot in Galley view. Does the alignment not improve when you switch to page view?

You can use the voice column index in Engrave mode - set it to 0 for both voices
BUT are those both upstem-voices, where in one of them you’ve forced the stems down? If so, use a downstem voice and this’ll be fixed automatically!

Thanks! I have resolved it by setting voice index 0 for both voices.

Anyway, these voices are created by ‘Reduce’ in ‘Paste Special’.

If they started off as two downstem voices then they’re probably still two downstem voices. Switch one of them to an up stem voice. Or vice-versa.

Glad that lined them up, but I think it’s worth looking into. If you do this often, it’ll come up often… and you’ll have to fix it often. And again, setting the voice column index should be unnecessary.

I think this is a case where careful voice management will probably save you a lot of time going forward. An upstem voice and a downstem voice should align automatically here.

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Hello All–
Has anyone experienced this?

I’ve set separate voice columns and yet I don’t get an additional handle to move the notes independently (which I have in every other project in the past). I’m not in a position to share this project here and it is fully native to Dorico.

They’re all the same voice, right?

ugh. I’m an idiot.

Thanks, Dan.

(250% zoom in a windowless room does things to your brain after a while lol.)

Well, I just realized yesterday I was still running 2.2.10 and couldn’t figure out why all those nifty new features weren’t working… So you’re among friends. :unamused: