Aligning slurs to staccato notes

I notice that Dorico does not align slurs that end in a staccato dot. In the image the slur on the right side is align by Dorico, the slur on the left is aligned manually.
Is this possible without manual aligning, or is this a ‘bucket list’ feature?
Thanks!Slice 4

With factory settings I get this, so not only is it possible, it’s the default:

There must be something specific to the settings in your file that’s giving the result you’ve shown. If you upload a project that illustrates the problem, someone might be able to help.

Hmm, interesting. I started a test project from scratch. This is what I get:
Slur alignment-staccato notes.dorico (844.1 KB)

I opened your test project and opened Engraving Options > Articulations. After changing the obvious settings relating to placement made no difference, I clicked on Reset to Factory. That immediately re-aligned things correctly. I then invoked Undo, which put them back to their original positions, and went through the individual settings using Reset to Factory and Undo to see if I could find which ones were changing. Some changed, but when I put each one back to what it was originally and clicked on Apply, it did not bring back the original alignment. It might possibly be a combination of two or more settings, or it might even be in a category other than Articulations - I could be wrong, but I get the impression that Reset to Factory resets everything, not just the category being explored.

It is currently possible for Dorico to tuck a slur in between the notehead and the staccato, which isn’t ideal, and that is something that we have tweaked in our work on Dorico 4, so this situation should not arise in the new version when it arrives.