Aligning tracks

Anyone knows how to align audio tracks with the time line.

Let’s say that I firstly recorded an instrument track, then I recorded my voice track, but at the moment when both are played together, those two are not aligned, in other word,s after the end of introduction part of the music my voice is to be started, but it’s not happening now, it’s starts a little later, how to align both tracks to right pointsplease ?

All I’ve ever done myself is after having recorded, turn off the quantize function (snap on/off) and nudge parts over with my mouse. I’ve often moved vocal tracks & guitar tracks over, and even spliced up sections with the scissors tool and nudge individual phrases over for better timing. I’m sure there may be some automated function, crossings etc, etc (?) but I always prefer to do things manually for better control, rather than quantize by automation. If doing midi, you can see the grid, if doing audio, you can view the peeks of the audio .wav on the grid & use your ears.