Alignment line for Vertical Lines

When I move the vertical line that looks like a square bracket and select the top node by means of TAB, the horizontal dotted line that indicates alignment stays with the bottom node and I cannot use it. If I click on the node, it works; but this requires a lot more mousing about.

I think this is the same for all vertical lines. Is this behaviour intentional?


At the moment we don’t have any control over where the dashed crosshairs emanate from. I have already requested that we be given the ability to change which anchor point the crosshairs reference.


Well, it’s not true that we dont have control. If I click on the top node, the lines appear and I can use them to align with another object. If I then hit tab, the lines appear on the bottom node and I can also use them for alignment. The problem is only that doing it this way gets very tedious. Hitting tab does not move the lines from the bottom node to the top one, though it does the other way. Why not?


You could try Shift-Tab.


I have tried that. No better! :smiley:


I see what you mean. You are correct and I was mistaken. It’s only certain objects like shift X text that don’t let you change it. (I wish that we could tab between various anchor points on shift x text as though it were in a text box. This is the limitation I was thinking of when I commented earlier.

I tested this on slurs, and curiously the crosshairs do correctly shift when you press tab, however vertical lines will only let you tab from the top to the bottom, but if you tab back up, the crosshairs don’t change. You have to click with the mouse to get those to shift again.
crosshairs malfunction

I didn’t try it earlier, but it’s the same for horizontal lines as well (at least those that are rhythmically attached).

Thanks for taking the trouble to follow up on this, Romanos.

Very odd! What’s the programming difference between one end or a horizonal line and the other? :smiley:

I expected tab to cycle through the anchor points, as I am used to it with slurs.


Considering the fact that crosshairs emanate from the other end of the line when you click, it’s clear that the behavior is intended to be the same as with slurs, but there’s just some little niggle in the code. No doubt the devs will take a look and take care of it.

Maybe they will give a sign of that here before the thread sinks down into the primaeval mud! :smiley:


You need not worry, I promise.

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