Alignment lines suggestions

I know that I have OCD when it comes to certain things (and I know that I am not the only one).

I want to add a Text box in the “Default” Parts page for copyright info. So I drag one music frame up, then have to drag the other music frame. The distances are not very precise when using inches (maybe I should use something else), as it only shows 9.2" (which the entire 9.2" spectrum is pretty big).

I am trying to ensure that the bottoms line up exactly, and I cannot copy L to R because the page numbers appear on different corners. It would be nice if there was some sort of alignment line that would appear when the 2 are exactly in line. I don’t want it to “snap” the frame, because maybe I need a different look and all that snapping can prevent users from fine detailing. But I would like something to help me ensure the Frames are symmetrical and line up against each other.

Here is an idea:


FWIW, I use millimeters and find the method using the properties panel very precise, efficient and fast — but I had to learn it (thanks to a video on YouTube). I would not have done it this way, and this is why those videos are precious : I was probably wrong in me thinking it should be done the other way round (that is not implemented yet, and no guarantees about any changes inthe near future)
What I mean here is that changing the pages number side is a breeze, I was annoyed the first time but then when you learn the few steps it is so fast and precise…

Marc, which video are you referring too? Not being lazy, just can’t see the likely candidate…
I’ll face palm if it’s called ‘music frame alignment’…

I was thinking about
I made you a quick video :

Hope it helps !

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I would appreciate, if Dorico would take the Page Margins settings for a layout into account:
If the Page Margins are set to “mirrored”, I would like Dorico to miorror the Master pages too, when copying from left to right (or vice versa) in the Master Page editor!

Just watched your video, and it goes a long way to switching the page number offset, but you may notice that the page numbers are both justified Left. My experience has been that since the fields are still linked, if I change the justification of the newly positioned page number to justify Right, the page number of the other page also justifies Right.

When I first faced this problem, I eventually just mirrored the page and replaced the page field with a new one (drawn almost anywhere that was convenient on the page) and then justified, sized, and positioned it using the varous Properties fields.

By the way, thank you Marc, for all the help you offer in this forum, not just for those who present you questions, but also for those of us who read your answers and learn from them.

The way I usually deal with page numbers is having a text frame that covers the width of the page, and using the “page number” paragraph style, which has outside edge alignment (there are more options in the paragraph style dialog than in the text frame editor). This way I can copy from L -> R without manual adjustment.

Thank you Derrek, I’m “touché”
And thanks Anders, this seems to be a very efficient method!


You guys are geniuses!!! I am going to look into all of these suggestions.

I still think alignment lines of some kind would be helpful. But your suggestions will help with everything being aligned for the time being.


Thanks Marc.