Alignment of multiple vertical lines attached to same chord

In designating where the voices split on a chord composed of notes not having stems to show part division, I’m accustomed to using small brackets. I can do this with no problem for one split, but once I add a second, horizontal space is added, and the brackets stagger.
Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 3.29.30 PM

Is there a way to have these in the same horizontal position without editing it after the fact in the PDF?

Also, is there a way to control the length of the “hooks” (the horizontal parts of the bracket)? In the Engraving Options for Lines, there are no options that appear to relate to vertical lines.


I can move the bracket in Engrave mode. (I’m using the “non-arpeggio” ornament.)

In Engrave mode:

select and drag the bracket (or use opt/alt-arrows), either the complete bracket or its edit handles;


select a bracket, open Properties panel, under Vertical Lines edit the Top offset and the Bottom offset (also Top position and Bottom position).

You can get a smaller hook by creating a “short hook” line annotation in the Line Annotation Editor:

Thanks, Mark and Steven for the reminder that many things can be moved in engrave mode. When I do so, though, the extra horizontal space allocated for the previously leftmost bracket is not dealt with. Are we back to manual spacing, or is there another way to look at this?

How interesting—I’ve not used that dialog before. Thanks for the tip—that worked perfectly!

Regarding the horizontal space before the chord:
In Properties > Vertical Lines, try selecting the two brackets (in Engrave mode) and changing the Side property to Right and then manually moving them to the left of the notes. This might possibly affect the spacing of anything else in the same bar, though.

Indeed. I realize I gave my example out of context, but it is the first and only chord in a bar. When I set one to the right side, the left one (before I made engraving mode adjustments) ended up going too far left.

At this point, I’ve gotten the vertical alignment I was looking for with engrave mode, and just manually adjusted the horizontal spacing of the chord. If it were a busier measure, I would be less happy with that process, but in this circumstance it works well enough.

One of my “I hope this feature gets added someday” would be some way to let Dorico know after you’ve made adjustments in engrave mode that I’d still like it to space everything out. There have been a few times where I’ve moved things in engrave mode as I couldn’t in write mode and then I have a huge gap staring at me. Coming from Score and Finale, I can appreciate “leave it where I put it” for engrave mode, but sometimes it can be a bit too severe.

I’ve had this same issue. I’d love to see a while for the brackets automatically aligned in the same column.

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