All .cpr and.bak files 'disappearing' only when I try to load one of my last 3 projects

Hi there,

Cubase Elements 10.5 LE AI:

When I try to load my last 3 project .cpr files, they do not load. Instead, it flashed a single loading bar, then redirected me back to the same folder where all the .cpr and .bak files have now disappeared.

They are there in the regular Windows file explorer - and they only disappear after trying to load one of the affected projects.

Old projects load fine, only the last 4 projects, from the last few days fail to load and cause all other .cpr and .bak files in all project folders to ‘disappear’. Neither the .cpr or the .bak’s work, and both cause this to happen.

When I shut down the program and reopen, they appear in the ‘open’ file explorer, until I try to open one of the affected files.

I have tried restarting my computer multiple times - and I have reinstalled the program. Please help, are there any ideas to recover them? I hope these projects are not lost.

Could you please explai and describe exactly how you try to open those projects. Post screenshots also.

I just try to open them regularly, and also have tried ‘Open With’. It appears to happen only with the last 4 projects (my most important), and they also have a .csh file that has appeared.

And despite many attempts at opening, it shows that I haven’t accessed it for a few days.

On the last couple of pictures you are not opening a project. Look at the top of the window, it says “Set project Folder” hence you can only see folders and not files.

Okay yes, but why is it sending me to a “set project as” page when I try to load a .cpr? And how can I get around this to load the actual project?

Okay, once I select the folder, it opens and all the .wav tracks are missing. How did this happen, when I did not move or delete anything? Can I recover it somehow? Opening the .bak files the same way also shows it all to the tracks to be missing or blank.

It seems you may have moved the folder or used the save as to a new folder instead of using back up project.
It only ask you to set project folder when creating a new project or if the project has been moved.