All Cubase Versions on same system are Now Lagging

Hi Everyone,

I am throwing a bottle at sea, hoping someone may have experience similar issues.

All was cool and dandy until one day, cubase started to show the following issues:

  1. Playhead moving in a stop and go fashion
  2. Very long delays occurring between clicking and results
  3. Ghosting of buttons on Prompt dialogs

I have a screencast at the link below:

Troubleshooting so far


  • Happens in Cubase, 10.5.20, 9.5, 7.5
  • Happens also in Cubase 10.5.20 in Maintenance Mode - No external plugins, no Saved Settings


  • Memory Test -> No Issue
  • Chip -> Intel Diagnostics Test passed
  • Speccy shows Motherboard at 89C,
  • CMOS shows Motherboard at 40C

I tend to think it is hardware but why only Cubase is showing issues, all other programs are fine.
Reason play head plays fine and response on click is very fast.

Does anyone have ideas? I am bummed and in this COVID situation bringing puter to Tech Store is not an option.

Any suggestion will help.

Gateway Fx
Intel i7
2 x Evo SSD 1 To each
Win 10 - latest update
Audio: Steinberg UR-824

I haven’t seen anything like that, but what differs Cubase from all other programs on your computer (I guess) is the required access to the eLicenser dongle. Have you installed some new USB device that might interfere with the dongle? Have you tried the dongle in another USB port? Is the eLicenser software up to date?

Maybe it is a problem with the May 2020 windows 10 pro update.

Could be, I had some slowdowns the last week, but at least mine were system wide. I updatedmy nvidia drivers to the latest version (studio for good measure) and just now I am greeted with the new Edge, saying they updated windows for this thing for which I don’t care. :unamused:

Can’t they at least pop up a splash screen saying “you might experience decreased performance”? I went through thinking my graphics card is dying-> my cpu is dying-> my ssd is dying-> oh it’s just windows updating.

It’s your graphics card maybe? Are you all up to date?

In WaveLab I had something like what you are describing and it was because I had turned the resampling function on when WL had an issue with a new version. In other words, at the time, I would import a 24 bit wave file and (not knowing it) I had the resample function set to 48 bit. The program didn’t like that. Maybe a question here would be what is your Project bit rate set to? Is it possible there’s some process happening in the background?

As to the new Edge and the 2004 Win10 OS, these are working fine here.

The playhead is erratic with me too. Occasionally it disappears or goes dark and sometime it is stop and go. It is a bit irritating. I am not getting the clicking delays though.

Yes, now I’m good to go too, but for some days I had all manners of “unexplainable” slowdowns.

Are you also using the latest windows update?

I’m really unsure if it is safe to update right now (I’m running 1909)

I’m using a 2019 16-core Mac Pro and bigger projects are super laggy. So its not just you :unamused:

Thank you all for your help, ideas and suggestions. I will look at them one by one and see. You guys are awesome!!!

To be continued…

Yes I am using the latest windows update.

I think that would coincide with time when I started to experience these issues. That is the next path I will follow. I have a earlier Acronis Image of my C/ when everything was going well. If the restore succeeds and the issues are not there, I will disable all Win 10 Updates.

Stay tuned and thank you all for your suggestions.

That worked. Win 10 Update made all Cubase versions extremely slow, unusable. Reverting to previous image on Win 10 May update, all issues are gone.

So until M$ fix their issues with Win updates I will refrain. I am sooooo happy to get my machine working normally.

Thank you all for your help!!!

Thanks for letting us know. I’m going to wait before trying this new windows update.

Speccy shows Motherboard at 89C that is very very high. Can read out that from your bios too? It is likely a software issue but other wise you need to look in to that. If it is more that 20C above ambient temperature you need to check your cooling,