All following notes disappear when entering a nested tuplet

Nested tuplet error.dorico (1019.6 KB)
Open the attached file, select one of the 16th notes in bar 2, activate Insert, click ; to open the tuplet popover, enter 3:2y to turn the 16th note into a 32nd note triplet, and the following notes in that part all disappear.

Is this a known bug? Is there a workaround/different method allowing me to enter the nested tuplets without encountering the error?

Might this be related to this issue, which involves a tuplet crossing a barline and also removes all of the following notes? Creating new bar from note in a triplet removes all music from staff - #5 by maartenterhorst

Why are you using insert mode? This makes more sense to me without it.

Okay yes, I’m used to turning existing notes into tuplets but went back through the user guide and found how to enter a tuplet from scratch and that works, thanks.

Still curious as to what was causing the error I was coming across though.

Unfortunately I think this is related to some other issues we know about with editing tuplets in Insert mode. I will make a note of this case but as Mark says you will have to do this sort of edit with Insert mode turned off for the time being.