All instrument names at the beginning of a part?


I couldn’t figure out how to do this:

One player should play Timpani and Glockenspiel, so it would be fine, that at the beginning of the score, when normally full instrumental names are displayed, the system could be named as »Timpani and Glockenspiel« – no matter that the Timpani begins and Glockenspiel is used somewhen later.

Now I just get displayed »Timpani«, because Timpani starts – and I cannot figure out any solution to show every instrument at the beginning.

Does anybody has a solution for me? Thx! :slight_smile:

If you’re talking about the top left corner of the first page of the part, then go to Setup mode, double-click on the relevant part in the right panel and type Timpani and Glockenspiel. Hit Enter.

If you mean in staff labels to the left of the initial barline, you’ll have to edit the instrument name of the starting instrument - Dorico automatically shows the name of individual instruments in staff labels, it doesn’t automatically combine them when a solo player holds multiple instruments. However, as Leo has said, you can show all the relevant instruments in parts using the layout name (which should appear automatically, as the layout name is linked to the player name by default, and the player name is automatically built up based on the instruments held by the player)

Thx. But no, I’m talking of the score itself. If I do, what you are suggesting, I just have the correct name for the part, but still not a »full name« as a instruments list at the beginning of the score. Please look here:

You can see the setup mode and the beginning of the score. The Player called »Glockenspiel & Pauke« (Timpani = Pauke) should play Timpani and later on Glockenspiel. But starting with Pauke, the staff in the score is called Pauke – but not »Glockenspiel & Pauke" in order to show all instruments needed.

So, thats the problem I don’t know how to fix.

Thx Lillie!
If I do, what I think you suggest, this happens:

This doesn’t make sense to me, since Pauke now is called Pauke & Glockenspiel, which means that in every situation the player should switch to Pauke, Dorico shows both instrument’s names, Pauke & Glockenspiel.
Or am I too stupid?

Yes, this isn’t really what instrument names are intended for but you can manipulate them to suit your requirements. If you want both instrument names in the staff label (and you can put them on 2 lines in the Edit Instrument Names dialog if you like), then because Dorico treats whatever is set in that dialog as “the instrument name”, it’ll be used wherever the instrument name is used. You can edit instrument change labels manually - I guess it’s up to you to decide whether that’s something you’re happy to do, or if you want to leave the staff labels as default.

Thx Lillie!

That means: I rename the first instrument used to the full instruments list, then later in the layout options I force Dorico to show the individual short names for instrument changes. I didn’t figure out how to change the instrument change labels manually.
So, as I see, there is no possibility to show the full name for instrument change labels any more, if I want to keep abbreviated names for the score pages 2, 3, … Correct?

For instrument change labels, select them in Engrave mode - you’ll see an “Instrument Changes” group in the Properties panel. You can “Hide prefix” (i.e. the "To " bit) and enter “Custom text”.

Oh, thats very easy! Its a lot of work, but easy. Thank you! :slight_smile:

BTW: There is a bug in the german localisation of the instruments change: You can choose »Nehmen Sie« which means »Take«. The result should be e.g. »Nehmen Sie Piccolo« (Take Piccolo). But the displayed result is »Nehmen Piccolo« (»Sie« is missing) which is grammatically on the level of my own english grammar.

Ok, in order to have a proper german grammar, every single instrument change has to be written manually (Nehmen Sie das Piccolo, Nehmen Sie die Kastagnetten, …) anyway.

Peppinello, is this what you are looking for? (Post #6 and later).