All instruments have disappeared in Halion Sonic SE 2


I have the impression, all my instruments have disappeared…

If in Play Mode I open Halion, I will see this:

If I click on the little triangle to select different instruments, there is nothing in the list (I remember me being able to choose different sounds here):
instruments - empty.png
Any help very welcome.

Reset the filter.

(delete the word flute from the text search field)

Thank you misohoza,
I know about the filtering possibilities. If I delete the word flute, nothing will be there, it is just empty:
instruments - empty!.png

Click the button on the bottom left of your picture, to expand the preset browser. You should see a few more filter categories like strings, brass, woodwinds…

Check if something is selected there. Reset this filter as well.

You may need to reset the mediabay database - see the instructions here:

Thank you Paul, your suggestion helped:

HALion isn’t showing me a list of instruments
If the sound browser in Halion or other plugins is blank then you can force the Mediabay database to update by deleting the following folders: (on Mac)