All Instruments Set

Hi there, I just watched the “Groove_Agent_4_-Tips_Tricks-The_Acoustic_Agent-_Part_1_of_3.mp4” video. When it comes to the part where the moderator clicked on the “All Instrument Set” button in the “Load” section its full with all the kits. In my window there is only “Alle Agents” and “Groove Agent One”. So whats the trick to get the other kits there like shown in the video. Or is this another chapter from the disappointing handling of the content in general of GA4?

Solved. Some very very very old prefs I didn’t find at once, prevented from loading it.

I have the same problem not all kits showing.
I have a Mac were the very old prefs you mentioned on a Mac?
What was the answer?

„Groove Agent“ and „Groove Agent Location“ in User Preferences

Iv’e just seen the last post Thanks what I did Yesterday was this
I just deleted any of the files related to Groove Agent and then reinstalled the programme and everything’s now where it should be!

Yeah, I did that too first. But for any reasons I missed those two prefs. Better to use EasyFind than a finder search next time. Also have to notice that Steinberg Support really tried to help.

I thought Apple was the best!LOL!