All items in mono

Hello. I ran into a problem: in whatever configuration the audio track is, even if I re-create it - all the items that I import into Cubase are imported into MONO, no stereo (even if the item is in stereo and the track is in stereo, the item is still in mono), how can this be???

Do I understand you correctly that you import a stereo audio file on a stereo track, but on playback the audio seems to be mono?
This can be caused by a few things:

  • the audio track could be routed to a mono group
  • you have switched on mono downmix in control room
  • there is a plugin somewhere in the signal path that outputs mono (again, check control room)
  • some setting in the control panel of your audiointerface

The control room was initially turned off altogether, file and track and not redirected to the mono group. i noticed that it was within my project, because i tried to create a new project and everything was fine there. Then I don’t understand why in this particular project, where I set a bunch of labels for the sound, all the sound is in mono, even in stereo configuration