All kinds of problems

I’m having a few problems here. using a hybrid setup of 2 external synths, some vst’s, backing track and 2 seperate clicktracks (as audio)

A lot works perfectly when i’m building a song/setlist, until i save, close the program and open it again. Biggest issue for me are program changes to the external synths using the layers are gone after a save and reboot. They keep on disappearing when saving a song/setlist or even a layer. As soon as i close the program (I have to do that a lot because of the other problems i encounter, see below)

What also happens a lot that the program “forgets” what midi ports where being used when i open a saved project.

And sometimes the audio input i selected suddenly won’t work anymore. Then after a restart of the program this problem is solved. I never have this with cubase on the same hardware, same input ports, so it isn’t a hardware issue

I’m using the program as trial now (i am at 50% of the trial period) and i like the idea of it, but it isn’t running stable. Up until now i’m using cubase on stage and i really want to replace it with this program, but unfortunately it’s too buggy for me now so i can’t use it.
Any ideas or updates coming soon in my trial period so i can see of it will work for me?


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Cannot reproduce: new project, set Layer output to VM 1, set PGM Chg to 1, add Part, set Layer out to VM 1, set PGM CHG to 2, save, exit, load: all good. Your mileage may vary, so pls try to work out a reproducable sequence, thanks. And try today’s new version 1.1.10.

Same thing, works fine here. Ports are saved with the project and unless the environment changes, are restored correctly. Maybe something is different with your setup, so pls try to provide a step-by-step procedure, thank you!

Again, works just fine here with several Stacks combinations and audio tracks. We need more details, thanks!