All licenses suddenly lost, after update to 12.0.20

Hey there,

I updated to 12.0.20 a few days ago and today when I tried opening Cubase I got a screen saying that all the licenses of Steinberg software had expired. Also - Valhalla DSP plugins stopped working, saying there is no license. I haven’t checked further, but perhaps there are other plugins too.

I’m on Windows 10, 64bit - latest version. Intel i7 processor.

What to do? What could have caused this? Where I can find out the extent of the issue?

Thank you so much for help and tips- I would like to return back to the project :slight_smile:

Have you run the Steinberg Activation Manager to register Cubase 12 on that PC?

It does appear to be activated in the Activation Manager and the “Not activated” tab is also empty - so I can’t see the other programs there.

And to be more specific - Cubase loads up, but its all the Steinberg VSTs like Halion Sonic, etc. that stopped working.

Did you remove the elicenser dongle from the computer?

No, it’s still in,.

And I had Cubase 12 working well for several months - I haven’t really touched anything else than updated from version 12.0.0 to 12.0.20

I don’t know what I did - but after a few reboots, resetting settings, and fiddling with every menu I could find the issue seems to have disappeared. So cant’ really say what happened but it seems to be okay now.