All Menus as Excel Spreadsheet

Dear Dorico community. In the last I’ve got a huge profit out of this forum. Now it’s time do give something back. With the following link you can get access to the “homework” I’ve done. I made pictures of all the menus and submenus in Dorico 2.2 and then I’ve written those menus in an excel-spreadsheet (.xls).
Now I’m able to filter every shortcut and make my own shortcut chart. So I know quickly what’s already taken and what is still available.
For me it’s a way of learning and organising this abundant app.
Please note that:

  • it was written on mac, with the mac shortcuts

  • for showing the right keyboard modifiers, the ‘Lucinda Grande’ font has to be installed

  • I was using a swiss german (almost german) keyboard > therefore not all the shorcuts are the same as with english keyboards

Very helpful! I love bedtime reading material. I’d love to pay for a nice printed Dorico manual…

Hi J_Woodtli!
Isn’t the font Lucida grande? Lucinda sounds more like… a tall woman? :wink:

What was wrong with Edit / Preferences / Key Commands / Print Summary?

(But if you want to make your own version that will be out of date as soon as Dorico gets some more features and only exists in one language, that’s OK by me…)

Well, perhaps a freudian slip … and yes it’s Lucida Grande! Sorry for that :blush:

Well, almost everything is still wrong with this print summary. At the moment it’s not more than a colorful gimmick. But there were other posts complaining about the colors and the cryptic naming (e.g. meta…).
What I would expect from a decent and userfriendly shortcut feature are the following points:

  • export in different formats (rtf; csv; xls)

  • search for the shortcuts (type ctrl,shift,H and get the asigned menu-funktion)

  • filter for all menu-actions with already assigned shortcuts

  • filter for all menu-actions without assigned shortcuts

  • a distinguishable sign which actions can only be triggered by a shortcut and not by a menu

In the field of keyboard shortcuts Dorico is still a bit weak and there is definitely quite some headroom.
So if you’re happy with the status quo, that’s good for you, but I’m hoping that the Dorico-Team hears my message and works a bit more on this issue. Because I’m sure, if they do, it will be as good as always and they come up with even better ideas than mine.
But until then, I keep my excel-sheet and I’m updating it for me.
Perhaps there are other users, who can benefit or translate it for their needs.
And last but not least I want to say it again: it’s a way of learning this huge app…

Thanks for doing this, Jürg; and making it available!

Very nice helpful resource. Thank you!

@Rob Tuley
Any extensive data can be presented (structured) in various ways, each of which usually highlights particular aspect/view/angle.
And on a different note - sorry, can’t help mentioning it - this forum is marked by friendliness (let alone, respect) of comments. Let’s keep it that way.

Igor Borodin

Jürg, thank you very much! This is extremely useful, and customizing it, together with the shortcuts themselves, is very easy!