ALL Midi input devices stopped controling!!!!

I’m using C7.5.30 Win7 64bit. I have been using my v-synth, Maschine Studio, Emu Command station as midi controllers. The Command Station via din midi , all others USB. All indicate connection via the transport window activity indicator. But do not show ANY track activity. I can load a midi file or project and it plays back fine. The virtual keyboards for various plugins play fine with the mouse. I have reloaded the 7.5.30 update, but that hasn’t made any difference. I have checked the midi port settings and they are correct. It’s not an audio interface issue, since the activity bars for any track simply don’t work with any controller at all.

I QUIT Cubase and loaded Reason and all controllers work as expected>>

I’m stumped. HELP!!

I found my answer after two days on this! I went into preferences and had to check and uncheck sysex TWICE before the tracks would respond to the keys or pads - very strange

i have this same problem but havent been able to get midi controllers to work since purchasing cubase and installing it,is this really the answer?