All Midi/VST's out of tune!

I’ve only had Cubase 9.5 Artist for a few weeks now, switched from Pro Tools after over a decade. So there are going to be some growing pains, but I can’t seem to figure this one out for the life of me.

Every midi/instrument track I ever create is slightly out of tune. I’ve used the ones that come with Cubase(Halion, Prologue, etc) and also third party ones like Solemn Tone’s Odin Deluxe, and literally all of them are affected by this annoyance.

Doesn’t seem to make a difference whether or not my keyboard controller is plugged in or not(Komplete Kontrol S49), I don’t have any effects on the tracks besides the VST itself, I have my Axe-FX as the interface and the sample rates are all set properly at 48k. I realize I could tediously use a pitch correction plugin and hone-in on that difference but this is annoying and ridiculous to have an issue like this right out of the box.


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This happens mostly when a connected MIDI device sends a Pitch Bend by accident. Mostly it’s a M-Audio keyboard, which causes this. Can you fix it, when you send Pitch Bend 0 on all tracks? Is it really Pitch Bend related?

I solved problem by change pitch bend to thru in preferences


hi again
5 min after I did this problem came back…damn


Isn’t the MIDI Keyboard faulty? Doesn’t it send a PitchBend by itself?

cubase 9.5 and cubase 10 window 7 64bit
please some help me ive the same problem all vst instruments are 5 cents out of key …ive used the tuner pluggin to check and some notes are bang on and some are 3 cent s off …its not my master keyboard as ive unplugged it and drawn the notes in then checked on the tuner pluggin still the same ive turned off all pitch bend and mod dater .my sample rates match im 24bit 44 my soundcard is focusrite 212

help help help

really pissing me off as ive used cubase since atari days …was well pleased when i lumped out for the newest version and its un useable
wish id have listerned to my pals when they say logic x is the one but i thought id stay loyal what a prick lol

I have had Cubase for over 20 years! and have had 9.5 for about 2 years and have never had this problem. I took my gear home because of COVID 19 and set it up at home and now Im getting vst go out of tune!!! and my midi sync used to be perfect…now there is a slight lag …grrrr
I need help please

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Same problem here. Really strange.

Studio logic keyboard + midi > usb 2 cable
Discrete 4 Synergy Core
Cubase Elements 10
Windows 10 20H2