All mixers together as tabs in one window (or a multi-dock window for all floating windows)

I love how Cubase lets you configure and use 3 different mixer views.

Since I have three screens I like to have the main mixer with all channels on my seconds screen and another mixer on my third screen with just the the buses and outputs.

Sometimes I’d really like to use that third screen for other things however, like the video feed when working with sounds for that and/or instances of instruments/plugins.

In these cases it gets crowded with lots of windows especially if I want to have my two mixer views available as well.

Here comes my feature request:
It would be really cool if you could dock/merge the mixer views into one windows with tabs, letting the user quickly jump between the different mixer setups using these tabs.

I was a Cakewalk Sonar user for many years before switching to Cubase and in Sonar we had something called a “multidock window” which basically was a floating window you could place anywhere and dock any other floating window to.

…Maybe just take this “multi-tab mixer idea” to the next level and suggest something like this right away instead…?

Feature request refined: Make all floating windows dockable with each other, creating one easy-to-find floating window with tabs, keeping everything nice and organized and easy to find.

+1 There are some other threads requesting tabbed windows. I don’t recall them mentioning the Mixconsoles specifically.

I think they were referencing VST and VSTi windows, but the concept of tabbed windows already works great in S1. I hope Steinberg jumps on board with this. It definitely improves workflow by reducing the clutter of multiple floating windows.

Set up Workspaces as a workaround

Then you just hit Option+1, Option+2 etc to move through your Workspace views

Thanks for the tip about Workspaces, shanabit!

I had never looked in to this feature before and even though Workspaces doesn’t solve the problem of organizing lots of simultaneously opened windows, it’s an awesome feature that I’ve now started to use regularly.

+1 Tabs for multiple mixer views or section would be great, somewhat like the Buckets in Waves CLA Mix Hub Plugin