"All monitor buttons off" on all tracks function!

hi, many is the time i go to bash on the midi keyboard and its playing a sound that is on a track that is buried deep in the session somewhere, collapsed in some folder of tracks i was working on 2 weeks ago. or worse, its auditioning two different sounds at the same time and it sounds like a mash of noise. Its always a witch hunt to troll through every single track in my session (sometimes up to 100 tracks) to find the little “speaker” monitor button that was turned on. its always hiding right down the bottom in the last track i look at. frustrating.

ive made a very handy Project Logical Editor Function to nail this problem on the head…turn off all monitor speaker buttons on all tracks! its an easy one to create… but not in the presets by default so you have to make it. check out the screen grab to see my settings

Hope this helps many ppl :smiley:


Great! Thanks a lot. Looks simple but never thought about it. :laughing:
Will save me a lot of time.

Thanks, Blackout!

Great idea, thanks!

Hey Blackout…
On that same note. My frustration is with ‘Disabling All’ audio tracks. Similar to what you discribed, once the track count is longer than the screen, it’s a hassle (for me anyway) to have to scroll thru each track and disable it. So if in your spare time you come up with a script, I’ll run a get a payday loan to pay you for it.


You can put ALL tracks in a folder…

You then have mute, solo, lock, rec enable and monitor button for all tracks…
Same for all audio/drums/guitars or all midi tracks separated if you want.

Tip: don’t put your input/output channels, group and fx channels in this folder. This way when you solo “folders” everything stil plays correctly.


nice one!! but then you have to still scroll all the way to the top of your screen, and then several times pound on the little speaker button “cycling” it until theyre all off. then hunt back down thru your list of tracks until you find where you were working.

with my method, you can assign the command to a Function key…i got it on F12…and label the sukker on your kbd and then just pop the key once and keep working and not break your workflow :wink: