ALL My Macros here ( updated post ) -filling space

As you will see in video. this macro will fill the space between 2 clips by the copied clip you want to

Please try it and give me your feedback in order to improve it

Copy the clip or clips you want then apply
Macro steps

1 locate selection end
2 set left locator to project cursor position
3 right
4 locate selection start
5 set right locator to project cursor position
6 fill loop
7 select none

Your feedback is important

I will check it out on monday, it seems useful!

Hello wavetuner

Thanks for the Great ideas! Really useful

One thing that I would like to point out is that you don’t really need a macro for the object selection method. There are two specific commands for the up and down clip placement. You can find them both in “key commands” under “Nudge” menu which are: “Up” and “down” commands.

Although these are already implemented, it shows that you can go far beyond Cubase capabilities with those powerful and creative tools.

Yes . Thanx dear .Actually it happen to me some times .when i created macro for some ideas that i need then i found that it is there . anyhow we need to go far with this creative tools

Hi Ali,

Thank you so much for your contribution!
I can’t find the attached picture and I would really like to do the trim macro without the project logical editor.