ALL My Macros here ( updated post ) -filling space

Welcome to you all steinberg user this is my first post

Is about how to make triming automation line hope this will help . Please Don’t bather about language if you don’t understand just follow the steps.

We want to in creases our creativity as steinberg always advice

In macro creations there are several way to get the idea

and this is my currant way

I did it and it works perfectly! (using the video instructions).

One thing to notice, remember to close the logical editor beacuse if you have it open it doesn´t apply the preset, only selects it.


you should tell us more about your other macros!

Yes totally u r right .

But in this macro see attached pictures my other way it dos not use logical editor . I recommend that better

Thank u The last one works perfectly.

Fast record to next track . This macro is useful and powerful if you want to record several takes in loop way but into several tracks . Just watch the video and follow the macro steps. Please feel free to put your feedback here

with rang tool sellection make this macro

Moving up
1 cut
2 up
3 paste

Moving down
2 down
3 paste

I used key comment as alt + shift ( pageup and page down )

Another useful one, y tried paste at origin instead of paste so it doesn’t use the position of the cursor.

Keep them coming!

I think you’re idea is better. But if you have seen the video it doesn’t use the position of cursor .i will try that and see which will be more effective .

Thanks dear

Don´t need to thank! you are doing a great job for this community

Thanks for posting these! I wonder if there’s a way to make the Move Clip Up and Down work with the selection (arrow) tool as well, so you can select full events easily and move them that way?

EMMM. I tried that one at the first but it mostly will use cursor position which i don’t want . Mabey you see that it is usful with cutting also .

The exiting thing is when you built your idea and you challenge yourself to get it . so i will go back for that one you asked about

Thanx for your response

after i tried last posted macro with sellection tools now it works with both sellection tool and range tool with both functionality . With sellection tool freely you can move up and down with range tool you will have cut ability also

Make this macro for moving down

1 locate sellection start
2 cut
3 navigate - down
4 paste

Make this macro for moving up

1 locate sellection start
2 cut
3 navigate - up
4 paste

It is clear in video that using this macro you can replace the clip you want . In some cases maybe you want to correct some portion and you will go back to midi track and just you will render taht without opening new track .

1 render in place
2 select none
3 select all on track
4 locate selection start
5 cut
6 navigate - down
7 paste
8 select none
9 Navicate -down
10 remove empty track

Be careful about last step (10)you can ignore it or be sure you don’t have empty track you need it

Please share me your feed back

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sadly i say that i have to stop writing in this topic .it seems that it is not your interest.

I have been following this, haven’t tried the last one but I will

Please keep it up!

Yes… please continue… very helpful…


This is great! With the arrow tool it doesn’t work with objects that are split, though, on any part of the split except the very last split section (for example: split a cue into two and it will only work on the last-most clip of the two). I’m going to see if I can find a way to fix that, and will post it if I do. Thanks again!

Sorry i didn’t get what you meant. Because this macro is not for splitting the clip.yes when you use range tool will helps you to split but the main idea is to move clip up and down

Yes, I understand – it works great moving the clip up and down. Sorry, I should have been more clear: When you’re using the arrow tool and you have a track that has a bunch of different events on it, it only works when you have the very last event selected, for some reason - it does not work on any other events on that track except for the last one. It has nothing to do with splitting the event, I just meant that this happens when you have more than one event on a track and you’re using the arrow tool to select the events to move up or down. I can’t figure out why it happens! I’m trying to solve it but I can’t so far. If you have any ideas, please share!

Now i get what you meant . I tried that but the thing that I noticed is to keep (use up/down navigation for selecting track only ) in this case i find that it was working very well. Thanx for you feed back it was really nice and helpful.