" All Notes OFF "

Looking for some advice on an experimental project I’m working on and feel sure one ( or more ) of you may be able to help. I know a lot of people have problems with “stuck notes” in their sequencer but I actually want this to happen on one selected channel (3) only. When I play this project, midi channel 3 controls some dmx lighting but when I stop the sequencer ( using the spacebar ) this seems to send an "All Notes Off " command, which in turn as you would expect, stops everything but also turns the lighting off. In this particular experiment I dont want Channel 3 ( lighting ) to turn off when I stop the sequencer. I’ve exhausted all the parameters in the preferences / midi / filter / section and am at a bit of a loss as to what to try next !

Any suggestions would be most welcome

hah, that’s pretty cool, controlling DMX through Cubase :slight_smile:.
I don’t know of a way to make the stop button not send all notes off. Maybe you can create a stop button specific for this project using macro’s and the PLE? I have no experience with that, but maybe you can detect which note is currently playing on a track, stop everything and immediately after play that note again? I doubt the PLE can generate midi notes though, so this might not work.
If the above is possible, I think you’ll also need a new start button, because you need to interrupt that playing note first.

Aloha S,
OK this is weird. And a shot in the dark.

There was (is?) a company that made lil MIDI boxes
that did all sorts of things to any MIDI event(s).


1 MIDI in and 3 MIDI outs
or MIDI Merge:
3 MIDI in and 1 MIDI Out etc etc etc.

I’m sure one was a MIDI ‘Translator’ box.

Perhaps one of these boxes could read the "All Notes Off " MIDI event at its input
and change it to a MIDI “Sustain” event then output it.

Just spitballing.

Is there not something in the DMX spec that can be done here? I don’t know how the translation from MIDI to DMX works, I take it you’ve got some kind of software or hardware doing that.

It is usually the other way around, the DMX is a carrier for MIDI data, i.e. the lighting equipment actually responds to MIDI internally just like VST 2x internally responds to MIDI even though in both cases it is called something else

Ah, I did not know that, cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for your contributions on this subject. I have solved the problem by the most unlikely way I imagined, see what you think :- Whilst experimenting with various settings I accidentally left the cycle function on :blush: and had already " told " cubase to play the “selected part only”. Hence when at the end of the said part cubase stopped but didn’t loop round and play it again due to being instructed to “play selection only” This seemingly doesn’t transmit an “all notes off” command when the sequencer is stopped ! :stuck_out_tongue: Therefore PROBLEM SOLVED.

Thanks to Strophoid, Curteye and Reiknir for their input on this topic

Interesting, that almost sounds like a bug :p.
Good news for you though!