All of a sudden a black screen. I had to hard restart PC

This is the error. All i did was open the insets list in the inspector.
No crash dump as its 0kb and wont upload.

Getting very up productive these days.


I would try to reinstall Cubase from the full installer, to make sure the Plug-in Set has been reinstalled.

This issue only happens after the crash i reported in my other thread. After re starting it’s fine until the next graphics2d.dll crash.
This is 100% repeatable.


If Cubase crashes, then it shows this message during the next start. So this works as specified.

Yes, but why that message each time, and only on the second re start.
When CB crashes no i re start it i get the message about the crash with the graphics2d.dll (so this was what caused CB to shut down without notice). CB opens ok until i try to load a project, then CB closes again and on the next re start i get the VST3 message. After that everything works ok until the next time.
I always get both errors if i get the first one.


What do you mean by “the VST3 message”, please?

I just mean the error message stating something about VST3. The one i posed in the screen shot.


So as far as I understand, you always get 1st crash with graphics2d.dll. You start Cubase for the 2nd time and this message informs you about the graphics2d.dll crash. Then Cubase crashes with the Plug-in Set.vst3. YOu get the message about the crash during the 3rd start. Right?

Then is Cubase working fine? Or does it crash again? Does it crash with a specific message afterwards?

In any case, I would investigate on your graphic card. The Plug-in Set.vst3 could be also graphic related. And I would try to fully reinstall Cubase as administrator.

Yes, thats pretty much it. the cycle only happens is i get a crash caused by the graphics .dll. CB then works ok after i re start it after the VST crash. until the next time.

We have gone through this in other threads but I’m not sure what you mean by investigate my GPU. Ive run humour checks on it, using various versions of the Nvida driver. No errors get reported, and even 3d Mark runs tests without errors.
If there is a specific thing you want me to check or program you think i should run please tell me, but if all the tests find no issues I’m at a loss to understand what you are asking me to do.

Saying that i have just put a Nvida GTX 970 with 4GB ram in so this should take the card out of the equation.
Ill report back if or when i get more issues.


Do you have any DMP file in the mentioned folder, please?

No. As i said above the DMP is 0kb so i cant upload it.
When this crash happens the DMP’s are always 0kb. I think CB closes before it can write anything to them.
This is a DMP from just before. not sure what’s in it but it would be related to the the issues here i believe.
Cubase 64bit 2021.5.3 (673.7 KB)