All of a sudden crackling problems and slowdown Cubase 5

Hi there. I decided, because of all the glitches and problems I’ve had with Cubase and Windows programs in general on a semi-fast machine, I’d buy a super fast new computer so I could record my album. As per usual, after a month of use, something had to go wrong, and annoyingly, wanting a workstation where everything works, despite my computer savvy, seems to be completely unrealistic in this universe.

Anyways, I noticed that one day when I started to record, my audio recording would be out of sync, and it would also cut off the beginning of the audiotrack. I noticed that for some reason, ‘record shift’ was set to 1000 samples, so I set it back to the defaults…

Then I started to notice that no matter how many tracks I would record, and no matter the buffer size in my audio interface, my audio would crackle or slowdown/crackle.

I’ve tried re-installing the driver, cubase, close any background processes (despite the fact that release driver is set), messing around with buffer size, yet to no avail.

I’m pulling out my hair. I was having absolutely no problems for a month, and I could record dozens of audio tracks, with all sorts of effects and VST plugins and everything was smooth as hell. My computer is an I5 with 12gb of ram (device is a Roland Duo Capture EX), and yet I get these problems no matter how many tracks I record…

Any ideas here, so I don’t jump off a building or become a Luddite (or buy a Mac) because of the insane nature of computer errors and glitches that seems to be so prone to Cubase?

Running Cubase 5 on new operating systems is not supported. The changes Microsoft and Apple constantly make to their OSes basically guarantee that you’ll run into issues if you try to run old complex software on them. You would have even more issues trying to run old software if you were using a Mac. In fact, it’s not even possible to install Cubase 5 on any recent Mac OS version!

I would recommend giving the Cubase Pro 9.5 trial a try. I wouldn’t be surprised if it made your issues completely disappear, or at least reduce them to the point where you can figure out what’s causing them.

It’s going to be confusing at first since you skipped nearly 10 years of development, but I can guarantee you that you’ll work much faster once you get used to it. The workflow has been greatly improved in all areas, and it’s MUCH better than Cubase 5 in terms of CPU and graphics performance.

It’s running on a Windows 7 x64 bit.

Not to sound offensive, but I’m not looking for a try x operating system or try x version of Cubase. Everything I have is functional, and was working perfectly, just need to figure out why all of a sudden I’m having these problems.