All of a sudden, Cubase is quieter

I have the latest Cubase 13 pro, on a M2 Max MacBook pro, with Sonoma.

For an unknown reason, everything in Cubase is quieter. So much so, that I have to crank up the gain on each track, but then that introduces distortion and pumping effects. What’s even more weird is I can throw in an instance of Ozone onto it, and it doesn’t even get louder. Something is definitely off. My headphone levels and audio interface are the same settings so I’m not sure what it could be.

I even opened up a blank session opposed to my template, and the same thing is happening.

Any help would be appreciated!!

I have no idea why your Cubase is quieter than it used to be. Does it show on the master volume indicator?

One note regarding your counter-measure: If you need to adjust the overall volume of your project, just adjust the channel volume of the last channel, often called Stereo Out. Do not adjust every other channel individually, the reason for this you found out yourself.

Compared to what?


compared to what it used to be. or normal? I can barely hear what I compose.

Do you use Control Room in Cubase?