All of you experiencing CPU spikes

Please try the following:

Open a project and start playing it.
Open performance meter.

Select stereo out track. Now select any other track.
Notice any difference on the performance meter?

Please report it here.

My performance meter jumps up considerably when anything but stereo out is selected.
Wondering if any one else is having this issue.

have you ran Latencymon and are sure your latency is good?

I don’t have any problems with big cpu spikes from adding a track

If the track is record enabled by default when you select it, and ASIO Guard is enabled.
Then your performance should decrease that is correct behavior. If this is debilitating on small projects then something is wrong with the system, or it is simply not capable.
Hard to guess when you don’t provide any info on what your system looks like.

Latency is super good.

I’m not having CPU spikes when I add a track.
The performance meter jumps up when I select a track other than stereo out regardless of if the project is playing or not.
Even if project is stopped and it’s dead silent, the performance meter will make a significant jump up if I select some other track than stereo out.

Cubase 10.0.50 wasn’t like this.

My system:

Windows 10 v1909
Intel 9900K @ 4.7 GHz.
Samsung SSD EVO Plus 1 TB
NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti with latest studio drivers.

All drivers & BIOS have latest version.

Dedicated Cubase system, straight forward setup in Cubase.

This strange behaviour started with v10.5.
v10.0.50 and lower worked flawlessly for three years.

no CPU spikes here…

I think you are on to something here.

I tried disabling record on track and real-time performance meter dropped immediatly.

Weird thing is that v10.0.50 wasn’t behaving like this, at least not that obviously.

Is there a way to disable retrospective recording (MIDI & audio)? I’m not doing drugs so I don’t need that feature. :smiley:
Can’t find a thing in the manual how to disable it.

hi! get same problem here on a macPro (2013). if asio-guard is activated i cannot work in my project with several tracks and instruments on - if the song is longer than 1 minute. deactivating ASIO-guard solves the problem. on my imac and powerbook i don´t have this issue.
MacOS 10.15.2, 3,5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5, 64 GB 1866 MHz DDR3

and cubase 10.5.5

I love it…

Maybe set the retrospective record buffer size (preferences/record/midi) to 0?

Not possible.

1000 events minimum…

Is the low latency button exposed in your GUI configuration? It might be engaged, and when the button isn’t visible, there’s no way of telling it’s on.

Drove me nuts the other day.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate people trying to help, but none of you did what I asked you to do. Instead of following my instructions and report if this odd behaviour can be replicated I’m getting all kinds of suggestions. Interesting to know what version of Cubase you are using as well.

Because it is normal behavior, if a track is record enabled, it is not double buffered (ASIO Guard) and the track is calculated by a real cpu core (no hyper threading on record enabled track).
The ASIO meter is btw. Not the best to predict what your system is capable off. I have projects using 50% on the ASIO meter only using a modest 30 plugins. As a test I added another 150 of the same plugins to the project before the audio became compromised.


I was getting big ASIO spikes plus the Disk activity meter was fluctuating a lot more than normal as well, I disabled HT plus lowered my OC slightly (from 4.7GHz to just over 6) and have not experienced these issues since.

This may not work for everyone but it made a difference here.

Good luck,


I don’t suppose you’re using VEP by chance? I had a similar issue and disabling Asio Guard for VEP cured it.

Mine spikes when i load a project. If i stop the project or move the cursor it also spikes.
it never used to, but, after certain upgrades to 10.5 it started.
I can’t be bothered to chase the problem as it’s just an annoyance.

if you can’t be bothered to chase a problem you can’t find the solution.

Try turning off all virtual cores in your system BIOS. I see the same users in here who claim “lack of motivation for troubleshooting” on every user’s part, but they themselves do not address the ongoing, documented issues with this very thing which has generated many, many threads and posts.

Ive been dealing with this issue for over 2 months, have a clean, fully rebuilt system with no other software that Ive proven the issue on, and these forums are oddly rife with people who try to distract from this core issue and blame it on many other factors, as well as claiming that every new case of this is “unique and a rare case.”

This is a KNOWN issue with hyperthreading / scheduling / multimedia multithreading that affects a few hardware profiles on both Mac and Win, at least. It can be very tricky to nail down ONLY because of all the various messy suggestions that come from… well-intended folks here, who always seek another vendor as the responsible party, or seek to blame it on user ignorance. I would ALWAYS recommend disabling all virtual cores FIRST, and then see if your issue actually resides somewhere else.