All preferences and settings are gone - how to restore?

Does anyone have an idea of how to fix this without remaking everything from scratch? My pc reset (shutdown/restart) while cubase was open. When powered back up all of my preferences and settings in cubase are gone…shortcuts, macros, logical editor, inputs/outputs…

windows 10 64bit, Cubase 11

Trying to figure out if there’s any way to system restore back a few hours or if that would even work. Please help, I’m in middle of work and don’t want to spend a day remaking all of my shortcuts…

If you do regular System Backups you could restore the Appdata files from there.

If you stored your Key Commands as a Preset you could reload it.

If you are on Pro and created a Profile, it would also contain your Key Commands & Preferences.

If you didn’t do any of the above, then that was a bad decision and the cost of it will be that you have to redo it by hand.

Sorry, but if it is any consolation this is a lesson most of us have learned the hard way at some point. Welcome to the club.

Right click the c11 app data folder, (where prefs are stored).

%APPDATA%\Steinberg\Cubase 11_64

Properties > Previous versions. (Hopefully you have that switched on).

After this have a look at using something like me prefs backup tool to avoid this happening again. (My site is slow as it is on a shared server but cannot afford faster).

Thanks for the tips everyone. Unfortunately I don’t have “previous versions” in the App data folder. So looks like I will have to redo everything. Certainly won’t make this mistake again though…backups for everything.


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So when I am adding a new key command and also change a preference or two, are these automatically saved on my profile? So I can take the profile and load it on my other machine, without the need of adding the new key commands and preferences xmls?

Not as I understand it. The Profile captures the state of your environment at the time it is created. You’d want to save it again after making additional changes.

Yes of course, sorry I said that the wrong way. I am mostly interested in the fact that I don’t need the extra two xml files if I have the profile tranfered to my other machine. Is that right?

Right, you wouldn’t need to copy the xml files to transfer the settings since the data in them is a subset of what’s in the Profile.

From the manual

sorry I always check the manual, but somehow i missed this one.
thank you!

Hi Phil,

So this unfortunate incident happened to me too… everything gone. Your link there is broken, do you still have that resource somewhere?

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I moved all software to GumRoad a while ago:

I saved multiple profiles but it’s not loading any of my preferences. Any suggestions?