All project info shared in a network setup

I’d love to have all network info passed between systems on a networked project. Right now, I don’t believe things like automation and groups are transmitted.


Darren “Network” Ingram

You do understand that this would require identical I/O setups, identical plugins, etc … on each workstation!?
And that someone else in another room would be able to screw up your carefully crafted mix.


Yep, those would be risks. But maybe we could have the option of turning off automation or other things if we don’t want it communicated.

I have an identical setup and an assistant working the secondary machine. I’d love to have the complete networking ability. At least have it as an option to turn on/off.


Darren “Automation” Ingram

I’ve got another situatuon where having all project info available for sync in a network situation would be great.

We’re going to be using Nuendo as a playback machine in our theater. It would be fantastic if it were completely syncable with the production computer so we can send any changes made in the studio and they’d be implemented immediately. Also, we do edits on the the theater floor so we’d love to have those changes sent back to the production computer. This way we’d always have an easy way of keeping the project the same in two paces.

So that’s my FR.


Darren ‘Sync’ Ingram

I am up for greater power with networking. The GUI is a little “old” too.


I do find the network feature is less useful than track archiving. It’s almost not worth the risk since there are no benefits. However if there were the ability to have multi-user editing system I could see it being very useful on a mix stage.

I’d just like to add that the current trend in the US in productions involving pre-mixes of dialog, music and effects seems to be that the mix engineers on the final mixstage prefer full control over the pre-mix. So that requires more than a simple dumping of printed stems onto dedicated tracks.

I think it would be worth reviewing the implementation for that reason alone. A “happy” medium would be to be able to restrict the data updated; simple checkboxes similar to what is shown when setting up Nuendo’s stone-age group/linked channels that let you include what exactly will be updated - inputs, inserts/plugins, sends, automation etc.

And just because updating routing and plugin-compatibility may be a major hassle doesn’t mean that one can’t start by including at least volume and pan information.

It is possible to use networking with multiple users, very useful durin final mixing of features. But it is very old and simply to limited.
But it is still a great tool even as it is. But I concur, it needs updating.


I agree about increased network sharing access and control over it’s behavior. PT users new to Nuendo who see the network functionality quickly imagine all kinds of coolness. With a little direction they start messing around and love it, then quickly come up against it’s limitations. Folks with vastly different setups could work on the same project with access to everything if permissions are correctly implemented which is done so often in other fields there are models to work from.

In a mix room with the AEs on laptops and headphones it would be simple to admin the permissions so they can update anything, including automation. They don’t need the same I/O setup or set of plugins because if they don’t have it on their laptop they either can’t change it or they are admin’d out of access to it. For the ultimate in access the app could be set up to allow them to select everything the multi-madi playback system has assigned but of course they can’t access it themselves. Example - our triple-madi record and playback systems have all that I/O that a laptop doesn’t and the session is built with it. The networked AE on his laptop and phones can even change that I/O but of course it’s virtual, he doesn’t actually have it. The “virtual” part can be designed to allow him to still hear it out his headphone jack.

The possibilities are large, with big-data models to work from, and it’s much in need of an update.